17 August, 2010

Voices From The Blogroll II

I only just noticed the other day that one of my earlier posts, Voices From The Blogroll, had the Roman numeral I appended to it, indicating the eventual arrival of a sequel. I had no such intentions, but my blogroll's been made over a bit since that post so I really should introduce you to a few very interesting people.

The author of Audrey & The Bad Apples is Clementine Ford, an Adelaide-based writer and broadcaster. If you thought there were some right-wing nutters in the Melbourne tabloid media, the City of Churches has a cast of regulars to make them look like the Oxford Union. So it's a tough town in which to be one of the voices of reason. Writes warmly and honestly about personal matters too.

DK Presents
This music-based blog provides a really eclectic mix of album and artist reviews, much more so than what's usually found within the narrow confines of this blog. Delves into jazz and blues and manages to encapsulate what would normally be lengthy back-stories. Can cause you to reappraise your views (read prejudices!) about certain artists and their output.

Ears On Stalks
Boo had already made a name for herself with her other still-extant blog, The Galloping Skirt. A keen observer of the extraordinary in the everyday. Makes the personal universal.

Fifi Dangerfield
The Perth-based Frankie writes poignantly and yet matter of factly about her life there. I like the kick-arse iconography too.

Grog's Gamut
A political blog of some note. The best of his high-quality posts are those that deconstruct wrong-headed spin.

Happy Endings
Want to hear the viewpoint of a sex-worker? You've come to the right place. CJ works as a masseuse in a parlor in south-east Pennsylvania. A unique perspective with a clear leaning towards witty myth-busting.

Lady Pants
My only worry is Sydney might not be big enough for this 28-year old. She has a nice way with a snappy comeback and writes perceptively about her life in a vibrant metropolis. Maybe it is the Emerald City after all.

Lexicon Harlot
Interesting aspects of the English language are covered by this talented writer and knowledgeable linguist. Never pedantic, she always relates her arguments to meaning.

Lorna Lino
You could spend hours on her iconography alone. Fantastic images of women from the past, many juxtaposed ironically. And then there's her writing - always entertaining, she segues back and forth from the topical to the personal.

Man At The Pub
No, not the nasty drunk you try to avoid at all costs. This personal blog is always a little on the wry side and downright hilarious for it. You sometimes need to look very closely at the images.

Mike Fitz
Lean and Green. And why not? Somebody's gotta hang onto their principles. This activist is also a software architect. Work, life and community. Not a bad mix.

Much Ado About Sumthin'
Alternately prolific and dormant, Steph is one of the doyennes of blogging. Hilarious and not a little titillating, she also manages to make her legions of blogfans (I'm not kidding: 120+ comments per post, for chrissakes) feel special. Gives all comments a personal, and personable, response.

Penguin Hunter
Geoff is a comedian based in regional Victoria. The Penguin Hunter Diaries used to be wide-ranging but are now devoted largely to Geoff's passion for golf. Available for product endorsement contracts.

This was one of the first blogs I ever followed. She's twenty-something and lives and works in Sydney. Quite a stylish writer whose voice is unique. Another blogger who takes great travel photos.

Sixth In Line
Writes about writing. Always thought-provoking. Great interplay in the well-stocked comments section too.

Veni, Vidi, Blogi
Ah, Latin. There's no other language does it quite as well. This guy says he's trying to be wry. And I reckon he succeeds. Another clever linguist.


iODyne said...

bloggers I know, go round half of those already. Audreys Apples a day keep the loco away, and yes, Steph is a great blogger, and her acknowledgements, despite getting 100+ comments - makes me not want to add to her burden.
Phil at Veni Vidi, led me to sPeak Your bRAne blog. sometimes I don't get back for days. and to that one of LISTS - a compelling shocker.

so many good blogs ...

Kath Lockett said...

Ooh, you've given me a few newies to follow up. I used to read 'Audrey' (Clem) avidly when I lived in Adelaide, maybe I should again....

Lad Litter said...

Will check ut that SYB blog on your recommendation. It's a wine dark sea, the blogosphere.

I hadn't read Audrey in quite a while but will drop in more often.

Cinema Minima said...

Awww, thanks for the thumbs up. You've inspired me to continue blogging, at least for the next few hours. It's nice to be reminded you're not just talking to yourself.

phil said...

Look, I got a shout out.

Whatever that is. Back in tha day, which Mrs VVB agrees should be "back in my day", it would have been called a reference, or "noted with approval."

Whatevs, as I understand they say, it is in any case greatly appreciated and I only wish I could remember how to get into the blog visits stats counter I installed, er, back in tha day, as I am sure it would show squillions of new visits.

BTW LL, the CDs from Amazon turned up (one MONTH early, beat that Harvey Norman) and Blues Anytime Vol 1 is indeed the one I had, er, back in tha day.

I'm off for a little lie down.

Fifi said...

aww thanks for the plug! Hoping to return to normal programming soon...

Lad Litter said...

Man At The Pub:
Good to get the odd tidbit of encouragement now and then, isn't it? Me, I'm still expecting to be discovered by an enthusiastic mass-audience. Any day now...

Great that you got the lost blues album - a joyous reunion, as these things usually are. And let's hope it is as good as you remembered. Go Amazon, deliverer of lost youth!

No worries. Perth-based bloggers seem to translate well universally. Must be the Mediterranean climate.

Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you, Lad Litter. It's amazing what one comment - yours - can do to lure a person - me - into new previously untrammeled fields.

I'm pleased to meet you here. Pleased to check out your blog and thoroughly flattered that you mention mine as well, along with others, some of whom I already know, others I've yet to meet.

The blogosphere is like a wild and crazy party with ever so many people floating around, most keen to meet.

But it's like with alcohol, we have to limit ourselves.

At the same time, it's much much better than alcohol because there are no literal hangovers, though the occasional mis-communication can lead to a smattering of grief, though it's usually rectified in time.

Now I'm off to meet a few others through you, whom I have not yet chanced upon. Thanks, Lad Litter.

M L Jassy said...

Just as soon as I get these blasted Year 12 essays off my desk I'll gorge myself on this choice array.

Lad Litter said...

Thanks. Not a bad spot, the blogosphere. I'll need to check out soem blogrolls myself.And that's a reasonable analogy, the one with alcohol. A whirlwind of blogging quite tires me out and I find that there's something of a hangover after it.

Mitzi G Burger:
Welcome aboard, Mitzi. Don't schools just wind up into a frenzy as the end of the year approaches?

Lady Pants said...

Holy crapoly, thanks for the plug!

although in Australia, that could mean you just handed me a tampon. Which you haven't. yet.

Lady Pants said...

"Lady Pants is slack jawed yokel who - despite having read a certain blogger's bios several times in the past - makes relegates comments relegating him to the category of Liverpudlian simply because his profile pic looks like a Beatle (but is a Stone). Loser. Perhaps she was just hanging to make that half baked feminine hygiene joke. Don't give up your day job, Toots."

Lad Litter said...

Lady Pants:
Very witty. As expected, you justified my love.