17 December, 2009

Good Lord, Is That The Time?

I know I've been absent for some time now. Four months or something. And unlike some of my blogging contemporaries who drop out from time to time, I can't claim a new love-interest as the reason I haven't got around to putting anything up here lately. So I'll put it down to a combination of work; cricket; family; my 50th birthday extravaganza (I'll post about this just as soon as I get the photos back from the chemist shop - hokey nostalgia alert!) and indolence.

I still have about twelve posts in draft form almost raring to go but haven't got around to doing anything with them. And would you believe they are some of the most gripping; side-splitting; witty; prescient; and incisive blog posts you're ever likely to read? I didn't think so.

So talk amongst yourselves. Relax. I'll be with you in a jiffy.