02 March, 2010

Voices From The Blogroll I

Enough about me. Let's talk about you.

My blog might not be much more than a small and insignificant grease-stain on the blogosphere's linen, but I've made the acquaintance of a few bloggers here and there. And so, like in a bad 70s telemovie, here they are, Starring in Alphabetical Order:

After Grog Blog
Now here's a bloke who knows how to put together a pithy phrase or two. AGB tends to have a dual focus: sport, mainly football and cricket. And deflating the pompous. Always a good read, when these two themes are combined, it's priceless. Newspaper sub-editors would do well to match the wit of his post titles. The only Melbourne supporter I know who can carry off smug superiority.

Anonymous Lefty
Not so anonymous anymore but still fighting the good fight. Brilliant rebuttals of specious neo-conservative reasoning.

If you can get past the very appealing iconography, and it took me a little while, you'll find a versatile writer who makes the personal universal and the odd op-ed piece that would sit better in a newspaper than most of the lightweights and polemicists who reside there.

Blog Voyeur Meghan's blog is open and honest about her life in British Columbia. She writes perceptively about the minefield that is the single girl's life and times. Infuses most pieces with disarmingly funny self-deprecation.

BWCA A dear blog friend, Helena covers a wide range of topics in her unique style. Hints at a breath-takingly interesting life. She could make this blog an ongoing episodic autobiography and no-one would complain.

Copper Witch
Fabulously informative, Jahteh frequently posts fascinating material of a science-related nature complete with beautiful images.

Daniel Bowen
Incumbent Public Transport Users Association President, Daniel's blog focuses on transport issues mainly but there's invariably a little more to it than that. Always a good read.

Dating Diaries
Aint she sweet? Miss D is her second blog persona and her warmth and wit has glowed through both of them. Not posting as often as her fan-base would like these days. She once theorized about female bloggers dropping off the perch once they hook up with Mr Right. Say it aint so. Please.

Eleanor Bloom
Perth-based Eleanor adores Vivien Leigh. Frankly m'dear, I don't give a.... nah, just kidding. She's forthright and honest and tomorrow is always another day.

High Riser
Andrew is prolific and invariably stimulating. His blog abounds with local historic information and he's very erudite about public transport history. His friends and family make up a cast of intriguingly-drawn chacters.

Legal Eagle
Mixing the legal and the personal, she shines at both and combines the two beautifully. She writes warmly and doesn't lose that when debating firmly. Probably the sort of writer Miranda Devine wishes she was.

Madame Z
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her travel pieces about Italy were lovely.

FG Marshall Stacks
Rock-based blog combines the personal, but never overdoes it. And with good reason. Because I'm convinced Helena was present at all of the seminal moments in Australia's rock history. Also authors BWCA.

This Perth guy is really entertaining, in a really thoughtful way. He gets right into the essence of being a single bloke. Some of us have dim memories of such a life, lived long, long ago. His descriptive writing illuminates them.

The Orstrayhun Prolific poster on politics and society. Crikey should engage his blog. But why would he take the pay cut? ;-)

The Rising Storm
This is a dead-set goldmine for 60s-70s music aficionadoes. A goldmine that nevertheless gives up the odd chunk of iron pyrites. He mixes it up a bit with reviews of classic albums by big name bands to unheralded gems from near-unknowns. He also features the unfamiliar work of the familiar artist and vice-versa.

Some Chilean Woman
Utah-based young married woman who's in touch with her emotions and sexuality. And puts her readers in touch with them too. Takes great photos of beautiful landscapes.

Ms Smack
Adelaide thirtysomething mum Catherine works in the very demanding child-protection area. Between her job, parenting, study and a social life, I don't know where she finds the time to blog but I'm glad she does.

Lord Sedgewick
Australia's rightful vice-regal representative. A sort of Bonnie Prince Sedgewick. Writes and illustrates.

Wells Of Fancy
Edward Yates lives not far from me but we've never met. He's not been posting much lately, but it's always worthwhile when he does.

So there they are. None of them need my endorsement. But go and have a look. You won't be disappointed. Not like on this blog.


Andrew said...

Thanks Lad. I don't take a mention like that with a grain of salt.

BCWA only tells barely half of it on her blog. She is truly interesting. What a life.

Andrew said...

Missed this on first read. 'Probably the sort of writer Miranda Devine wishes she was.' Much mirth.

Kath Lockett said...

Hello there Lad, I'm an occasional lurker and realised that Daniel Bowen is Toxic Custard. I used to read that years ago and am now off to reacquaint myself.

Interesting that a lot of your bloggers are also my favourites - 'tis a small world.

Oh and I've met the Mr Bucket than Ann O Dyne speaks off. Eerie...

mooiness said...

Thanks for the kind words! This shall be the last year that I will be "the single guy". I can feel it! Then again, I said this last year too ... :P

Tony said...

The Rising Sun is grouse. I even nominated it for one of those blog polls.

Ed said...

Hey there Lad,

Thanks for the kind words. I have slowed down with the posting and what's worse, I have also slowed down with the visit
ing of other people's blogs too. I really admire the consistent quality of your writing. And I have often wondered if we have walked past each other in the supermarket or something.

Lad Litter said...

Damn. Blogger won't post my comments. Oh, hang on, there it is.

Tony.T said...

Well, ummm, actually, I meant The Rising Storm.

Ed said...

Sooooo Lad...dare I ask, but when's your next blogpost coming? You mentioned you had a few in draft form behind the scenes.

Ann ODyne said...

if I comment here, those asian spammers will follow me back to my place. they are so repulsive.
cheers to you though

Lad Litter said...

It's like having a cockroach infestation. Hoe all is still good down at Rye.

Anonymous said...

Aww, LL, you've made me blush retrospectively. You're very kind -and by far one of my favourites. As you've excellent taste I shall have to check some of the others out.

Don't you be a stranger now, either.

Ms Smack said...

Thank you for the kind words. You're a darlin!

I only just found this post!

Are you well? Drop in and say hi, will you?


Lad Litter said...

Miss D & Ms Smack:
I was only being accurate about you two. Great to see you both back posting. I'll be following suit. And dropping in on you as well.

The Blakkat said...

Hey blog-review blog! Now that's an idea! I'm honoured by the mention of course, and given my decision to 'get back into it' (as it were), I'm feeling a little vindicated by your endorsement. You, Lad, are a gifted writer yourself and shouldn't turn this site in ghost blog either.

Lad Litter said...

Thanks, Blakkat - I'm suitably encouraged by your ill-deserved praise. And I want to be respected by bloggers> Right now all I'm getting is EastAsian spammers!

Ms Smack said...

I get those spammers too. Delete them all the time, if you can. They feed off our URLs being linked here.

Lad Litter said...

Ms S:
Oops! Thanks Ms S, silly me for not deleting them at once. I've got measures in place to head them off now.