29 April, 2007

Sea Change My Arse

I haven't posted in ages. I'm slack. I'm also back at work these last two weeks, which means I can't find enough time to do all of the things I want to, like when I started this blog during my holidays in a flurry of activity. I specialize in pissy excuses.

I also specialize in hating my job. Over the past few weeks, I've looked at other career options in a half-hearted, indecisive sort of way. Let's face it, there's not much out there for lazy blokes who are running away from a career rather than diving into a new one. And even though my profession is notoriously underpaid, I'd have to take a hell of a pay cut in almost any new job. So fuck that for a joke. I'll just have to stick it out.

At work, I am up and down like a yoyo. Hating, loving, begrudging, tolerating my job. Sure, it's the nature of my work that causes this. But my own nature has a bit to do with it too.

I'll have to work up a big post on how it came to this. I could do with the catharsis.

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Bijoy said...

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