07 April, 2007

There's Someone For Everyone...

This has probably been done to death all over the blogosphere and I apologise if it sounds a little too much like those lame did-you-ever-notice standups that used to top and tail Seinfeld. But how come really good-looking women often end up with blokes who are not particularly attractive? Why do women at the top of the food chain so often end up with blokes who look like bottom feeders?

I speak from experience here as my own situation is exactly that. And I’m not particularly rich or funny either, so don’t try that cop out. I’m talking about a match up of breath-taking disequilibrium. Where there is no reason apparent, even to the more than casual observer.

I’ve been meaning to ask TLOML about this. Just one of those things you never seem to get around to. Maybe I’m afraid of the answer. Maybe she’ll say, “Yeah, why the fuck DID I end up with you?”

Put it this way, when the odd tactless prick has half-jokingly asked “How did she end up with you?!?!?!” I have a prepared response. “Oh, I don’t know, looks, brains, wit…” Or when someone catches sight of a photo of her and says spontaneously, “She’s very beautiful” I respond with “Oh yeah, she’s alright I s’pose…”

But let’s put you in the picture, without showing you actual pictures.

Here are two famous people that TLOML resembles closely:

And here are two famous people that I resemble closely.

Does that give you an idea?

So why is it so?


BwcaBrownie said...

The lusty lushious Nigella's first husband was utterly wet and weedy (even before he got sick) and then she took up with the surviving Saatchi brother and he never won a 'bonny baby contest' either.

The beautiful Natalie had 3 husbands and 2 of them were not pretty.

What I have noticed:
A gorgeous looking guy is not necessarily a gorgeous-acting guy ...
T Cruise? shit no.
Brad The Abandoner? No thanks.
The beauteous Cate Blanchett is very happy with the wit and brain of Andrew Upton, and he won the Flacco lookaLike Contest. so there.

Lad Litter said...

Nigella was dumped by Geoffrey Robertson for Kathy Lette so it cuts both ways, I suppose.
Natalie Wood's husbands were 1. Robert Wagner; 2. John Gregson; 3. Robert Wagner again. RJ must have gone downhill by the time of marriage 3 ;)
Maybe what you've noticed is correct. TLOML rarely speaks highly of gorgeous blokes, most of whom she suspects have tickets on themselves. Anyway, the anomaly's worked out just fine for me.

BwcaBrownie said...

ah 'robert wagner again' - that's why i couldn't think of name no 3.

"TLOML rarely speaks highly of gorgeous blokes"

at different times I have had mad crushes on
Michael Gambon
Alan Rickman,
Clive James,
Stuart Littlemore,
and Andrew Denton; and fail competely to find anything desirable in Brad Orlando Jude or any of The Usual Gang Of Idiots.

Lad Litter said...

GAP, the chaps you mentioned might not be Adonis material but have plenty of charisma, so crushes are understandsble. Tom Cruise is very good looking but his movies and his performances in them absolutely stink. Except for Minority Report.

Andrew said...

Funny you mention this because just today I noticed how many plain looking and overweight men who were with quite attractive and in shape woman....not that I am saying you are either. The couples were all quite suburban looking and of similar ages.

Lad Litter said...

Thanks, Andrew. I'm not too badly off in the weight department but honestly as plain as a mashed potato sandwich.