11 April, 2007

Rage Programming Meme

With thanks to Go Away Please, who has tagged me for the Rage Programming Meme.

A bit of wish fulfillment involved in this because I quite often turn Rage off after a few clips when so many of them consist entirely of total visual gibberish. And music that doesn’t grab me either. Don’t start me on those old Countdown episodes…I might have a go at entering my faves via this link , where you can have a go yourself.

This list is about music I like, and me getting to see that music performed by those artists. There might be many clips that are better visually, but this is what I’d like to see if I happened to flick over to Rage, and would stop me from pissing off elsewhere, which I usually do. Song title links are to You Tube.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Rolling Stones
This clip is sort of live (probably miming to an earlier live recording) and shows them as they were in 1968. In black & white, it features the open-tuned guitar arrangements that Keith & Brian specialized in and is more faithful to the original studio recording than many subsequent live renderings of this classic track.

Mr Tambourine Man
From the Ed Sullivan Show, so it’s bright, colourful, clear and you get a good look at all of them, not just the lead singer, as so much TV pop would later be guilty of. Kind of live, but only Roger McGuinn's guitar and voice. Not available on You Tube.

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
From the movie Help! Couldn’t leave the Fab Four off the list, and this is one of their best ever album tracks. Could so easily have been a hit single. The lads mimed to the studio recording.

High Flying Bird
Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Airplane were not well-known beyond the San Fancisco Bay area before they performed at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. This little-known song is a cracker, with all of their signature soaring vocals. From the film Monterey Pop.

For Your Love
A band who featured Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page but were great in their own right, not just as a starting point for guitar players who would achieve greater fame afterwards. From the American TV show Shindig.

My Generation
The Who’s film The Kids Are Alright opens with this clip of them playing live on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and it’s everything you ever hoped the Who would be, complete with a chaotic, smash ‘em up ending.

Light My Fire
Another Ed Sullivan Show live clip and interesting in comparison with the Oliver Stone film The Doors, where Val Kilmer leans close and leers at the camera as he sings the forbidden “higher”. See how Jim Morrison did no such thing. Not available on You Tube.

Live at the Albert Hall for their 1968 farewell concert, Eric, Jack & Ginger show why they are still regarded as the ultimate power trio in rock. Not available on You Tube.

Subterranean Homesick Blues
Bob Dylan
Just a great clip, part of Dylan’s controversial post-folk period doco Don’t Look Back. Filmmaker DA Pennebaker would later direct Monterey Pop.

Like A Rolling Stone
Jimi Hendrix
Available on The Complete Monterey Pop festival disk which features all of Hendrix’s performance at that seminal pop-folk-blues-rock gathering. The fluid nature of the guitar playing, weaving around chords and melody, underlines why Hendrix was such an innovator. And why I don’t think the label Hendrix-imitator should be a criticism.

Okay, I’m a bit hung up on the music of a particular decade. Guilty as charged, Your Honour, but I would plead that these are great on three counts: great clips; great songs; great artists.


Steph said...

Interesting meme. I only watch Rage when I'm off my tits, so i probably couldn't do it! Ha!

Lad Litter said...

Thanks Steph. Does anyone watch Rage in any other condition? Anyway, none of your comment whores appear to be off your tits at the moment judging from your last post!

BwcaBrownie said...

speaking of tits ... Koilie has hers out for the Jap money.
I guess "Koilies Battle" to get her implants put back in, is over.

Great RAGE choices LL - Stones Jimi, Keiths Relf and Moon.

Lad Litter said...

Thanks, GAP. Most of them are killer clips too, not just a chance to get a look at them. And Kylie's tits are out? URL please!

BwcaBrownie said...

well they're implants so just Google Images 'breasts' for godssake.
I am appalled that Daannii & Sis have never used their zillions to found a refuge for Slutty Little Bogan Girls lead astray by their own antics with multiple partners and showbiz lifestyles. They owe that community.
sorry for rant.
I really just popped in to mention that I watched Don't Look Back on Foxtel t'other night with 2 Gen Xers and was in a cultural black-hole trying to explain the various moments of meaningfulness.
If I can know about thrash/death/heavy metal, then how come they had never heard of Donovan? Alan Price? Viv Prince?
Context is everything.

BwcaBrownie said...

OK so it was Shanghai and the manufacturer is Swedish, but the raunchy pouting strutting film of the launch I saw, was a far cry from BATTLING a 2mm calcification in a ligament.

Google (swimwear+Kylie) for various on:
Kylie blonde, bobbed and back | The Daily Telegraph
KYLIE Minogue has hit the catwalk in Shanghai to launch a new swimwear range, sporting a new look and no sign of worries over her split from boyfriend ..

Lad Litter said...

Thanks for the Kylie info GAP. I think I'll pass. There's enough of her on TV without using up valuable web time. Watching Don't Look Back with Gen Xers would have been interesting and hopefully not depressing. It took me a while to get used to ol' Bob and many just can't come at him. Neil Young is another that I had to persevere with. It was all worth it!