13 January, 2011

You Can Run But You Can't Hide IV

You might remember a tale of some minor work-related travails of mine from a while ago, related here, here and here.

It seems the object of my disaffection is acting on the unofficial advice given to her - she returned from Family Leave for about six months and now she's back on it again. During her return we neither spoke to, looked at, nor acknowledged each other in any way. We also went to some lengths to avoid being in the same vicinity.

That's a perfect resolution no amount of mediation could have produced.


Ann ODyne said...

... if it was Sweden you could charge her with r@pe.
'I am unable to give precise details of what she actually said'
exactly. it is very hard to recall what was said right before everything went white and the microwave was picked up and flung.
Still, the negative ions are back in the air, diarise, and I hope everything stays benign.

Andrew said...

You may well be on the way to freezing her out.

Lad Litter said...
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Lad Litter said...

Good advice there. Thanks. I just hope things keep going the way they have been. Psychopaths can be very cunning.

I think she's got the message. Apparently she was very upset back when she got the formal complaint notification. This led to massive bouts of laughter and unprecedented levels of not giving a shit from me.

Melanie Myers said...

Ah yes! I do remember that nasty piece of work you encountered. Well avoidance is the best policy, I still stand by that.

My (ex)sister-in-law whom I am living with at the moment is experiencing some of the worst work place bullying I've ever heard about. It's systematic and so, so deeply nasty and she has absolutely no recourse to address it because it's coming from her manager and his superiour. People like that make me sick to my stomach. My own experiences of this sort of thing have made me vow never to work in a school environment again or anything like it. I'll take the life a struggling freelance writer over that any day.

iODyne said...

Blakkat? your story sounds familiar - I know somebody else at a ScaryPostcode secondary school with a recently imported head who is an egomaniac and has destroyed the delicate school culture and given half the staff ulcers. the kids are the losers. it is criminal.

Hi LadLitter: I am in Ryecily and have mastered the double-kiss greeting now.

Lad Litter said...

Your friend's situation sounds horrendous. Is she in a unionized workplace? Seeking that kind of assistance can be invaluable. Also, does this manager's superior have a superior who could be appealed to?

Just missed you! We were there between 15th & 19th Jan. Wel, strictly speaking we were in Tootgarook but that's almost the same thing.

Ms Smack said...

Hey LL,

I just went back and read all of the Michelle posts and how awful she was to you.

How's things going now?


Lad Litter said...

MS Smack:
Thanks for that. Not much fun having a psychopath lurking in the background, that's for sure. I've come across more than my fair share.

Ann ODyne said...

The Guardian on How To Spot A Psychopath ...