06 July, 2007

Try Face Transformer

A very short, slack post today. What were you expecting, the New Yorker?

Anyway, this post comes to you thanks to PomGirl, who provided the link and the inspiration. You’ve just got to try Face Transformer. Here’s how it turned out for us:

This is Lad Litter and TLOML: I’m on the left, silly.

This is Lad Litter and TLOML rendered as Manga characters:

This is Lad Litter and TLOML as if painted by Botticelli:

This is Lad Litter and TLOML as if painted by Modigliani:

Face Transformer will also change your face to: its Asian equivalent; its African equivalent; a simian equivalent (plenty of laughs there, but very unflattering!) and more, some of which work better than others.

Here are some suggestions for future options that would make Face Transformer even more fun:

Picasso; The Simpsons; DC Comics; Munch; Van Gogh; Tandberg; and on and on…

To what style would you most like to see your face transformed?


Koren said...

Given my holiday-boredom (why, oh why, can't everyone have holidays when teachers do?) I may have to try this, LL.

Steph said...

Ohhh I'd love to be a Simpsons character. How fun!

P.S you have kind eyes and your girl is SMOKIN as a cartoon character.

Lad Litter said...

BC: Ah yes, holidays. Face Transformer is ideal for those with time on their hands, which is how I got to it.
Steph: Thanks for flattering my little piggy eyes so. I agree, The Simpsons would be great as a Face Transformer. I hope they expand the site soon.

Legal Eagle said...

That's awesome. I've got to try it...

Lad Litter said...

Give it a go LE! Kids just love it too.