25 July, 2007

I Haven't Been Everywhere, Man

Another blogger posted about a website where you could click on various countries on a world map to indicate places you've been. I thought this was a terrific idea. So I followed the link, coloured in the countries I've been to and saved the image. Stuffed if I can remember the details now.

So, apologies to the blogger who put me onto this for not attributing, and sorry again for not being able to provide a link here.

I blame prolonged marijuana use. But my mates say I shouldn't use a perfectly delightful substance as a scapegoat for my own shortcomings. So okay cannabis sativa, I hereby apologise to you as well. We've been friends for too long to let a little thing like this come between us.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the map.

It's fine, but it does gild the lily just a tad:

1) Indonesia is only coloured in because I had a two-week holiday in Bali in 1984;

2) New Zealand made the cut only by virtue of a three-hour stopover at Auckland Airport on the way to the US in 1986;

3) Mexico just qualified thanks to a day trip to Tijuana from Los Angeles in 1987;

4) But I couldn't fucking find Fiji, where a stopover on the way back from the US in 1987 provided me with a three-hour Nadi Airport sojourn;

If you know the website where these maps are available let me know in the comments and I'll update.


Anonymous said...

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Koren said...

LL, I was beginning to miss you! Good to see you back and posting. I may have to do a similar map...

Steph said...

You've got "lad" in your name and you've never been to the UK?
Shame on you! ;)

Lad Litter said...

BC: Why, thank you. Still no idea where to get the maps from but I'll update as soon as I remember.

Steph: Right you are. Quelle contradiction. I'm expecting the fraud squad to knock on my door any minute now.

Ann ODyne said...

Don't blame it on the sativa ...
Blame It On The Sensimilia!

Was your NZ transit eventful ?
The Journey
Is The Destination, No:32 - ...
At Auckland in the 1970's the airport lounge was the only place with alcohol and locals would flock there if they could show they knew someone in transit. I witnessed an amazing brawl with flying chairs - the locals said: oh they're Samoans.

These days, international travel is too irritating with the "please take off your shoes" thing.

Lad Litter said...

I can't even remember NZ. But...

Oh Ann O'Dyne,
It's you I adore,
Everywhere I go,
You've been there before,
And seen so much more ;)

My travellin' days are over. I don't even like going out of my SUBURB! How bad is that?