20 July, 2009

The Dream

I had this dream about two years ago and remembered it really clearly the next morning. And described it to TLOML that day. It had a clarity to it that most of my dreams don't usually seem to have and very little of the whacky surrealism that permeates so many really interesting, exciting dreams, but makes them more like arty European films rather than any of the more familiar Hollywood narrative types.This dream was set in an alternative reality, but not the kind that has you waking up screaming. Nor was it the sort of dream where your real life comes up way short by comparison. It was just a really enjoyable story to be a part of and quite thought-provoking.

The dream took place in a present that might have been.

Okay, so in this dream I'm still single. Still. I'm at a party where I know quite a few people, but not everyone. There's a nice, sociable vibe. I'm having a bit of a drink, a bit of a chat, and then I see her. TLOML. But it's different. You see in this dream, we never ended up together. We dated a few times and then I got the impression she wasn't all that interested and so stopped calling her and it just fizzled out. No-one broke up, no-one got dumped, no-one got hurt. Probably not even substantial enough to be describing her as an ex.

But seeing her again made me feel really uncomfortable. I instantly dreaded that she might be mortified about bumping into me after all this time and would feel the need to avoid me, possibly even in an excruciatingly exaggerated way, making a big deal of her embarrassment. Come on, I know that's how it works sometimes. And that her feeling the need to theatrically avoid me would in turn, be a source of some considerable embarrassment for me. Of the Earth-please-open-up-and-swallow-me variety. So I made plans for a quick exit.

But I was on the wrong tram. There was no need to worry. She looked straight at me and came right over. "Hi Lad! How are you?" Big smile. Really nice, really natural, friendly. This wasn't going to be awkward at all.

Turned out she was married to some terrific, successful bloke who was also at the party but never appeared in the dream. Married with a couple of kids. Clearly happy. Me? I was doing okay. Or made out I was to the extent that I at least convinced myself.

We spent some time chatting and it was really pleasant, bringing back memories of why I'd liked her so much in the first place all those years ago. The views in common, the sustained eye contact, the occasional big laugh at something I'd said. It was all there from when we'd briefly dated.

Later on, I went outside for a cigarette. She came outside not long after me. It was a languid, balmy evening with just the two of us in the backyard. She brought up the subject of how we'd broken up. Wanted to know why I'd stopped calling her. At first, I pretended to be struggling to remember, and then told her the truth as it was at the time. That I'd determined she wasn't all that keen and I was probably doing her a favour by disappearing. So I couldn't become a pest. Wouldn't become someone she’d need to avoid if she ever bumped into me again later on. Like I'd feared might happen earlier. She was not impressed.

I was trying to explain that we were younger and that it was so long ago, lacing the lame near-apology with countless shrugs and sentences that trailed off into nothing, when she cut me off and leaned close, slightly annoyed.

"Look, I didn't come out here to talk," she said.

Then we kissed. And I woke up.

How's that for a storyline? Hangs together pretty well, doesn't it?

When I told TLOML, she thought it was really romantic that my subconscious would come up with something like that.

Spewing I didn't tape it.


iODyne said...

good luck to ya ... having those European-movie type-dreams.
and this very long one.

Dreams reveal A Great Deal About The dreamer, dear Lad, so take care.
I will admit that this morning I woke after one involving a runaway horse and my best friend ... a nice change from my usual scene involving ex-husband.
Homer Simpson comes to mind there as well. Isnt Matt Groening just a genius?
Heres a link to another Iconic-Homer As Another Icon image.

Boo said...

Such a great attention to detail LL! I would never remember such an involved conversation in my dreams - they're more wafty-arty-emotional bollocks than this. WHat a cracker!

Lad Litter said...

Marshall Stacks:
Ooohh, that's a great link! Thanks for that.

The dialogue is based on the original, as they say, but the events and feelings are all true-dinks. This was a rare one. My dreams are usually in the style of the sort of movies your mates used to drag you along to see at the Valhalla.

eleanor bloom said...

Oooh. i love those really clear dreams that stay with you. they feel like they are so full of meaning somehow.
i think this dream was very romantic. looks like you appreciate what you have and you wouldn't want to change anything. how lovely!
and, you got to have a first kiss all over again!! *sigh*

Lad Litter said...

Yes, you nailed it. It brought back all of the early falling in love stuff so vividly for me.

phil said...

That's a far nicer and more optimistic dream than my last memorable one, which featured a cat that wanted to kill me and could read my mind.

Lad Litter said...

Welcome to the blog. Allow me to ijnterpret that dream for you: hmm... let's see now...oh yes, that's it. Your dream means that someday you are destined to lead the Jews out of Egypt.

JahTeh said...

You kissed and woke up.

Was there a frog anywhere nearby?

Lad Litter said...

Yes, I played the frog. Typecasting.