08 September, 2008


You might remember I was having virus-generated PC problems at home. And that I was trying to get a solution via the http://www.techguy.org/ forums. This is a great way to solve problems and I highly recommend the website.

Alas, I had to have a problem that resisted even the good folk who trawl those forums dispensing sound advice. Okay, fora for those of you who insist on correct Latin plurals.

For some reason, the WinXP disk's recovery mode just wouldn't fix things so after a couple of luckless weeks, I rashly went for the reinstall option. After all, it only warned that I MIGHT lose the contents of the My Documents folder. Any chance is better than no chance at all. So I did it.

And lost everything. Family photos and video, family history research, personal stuff, everything. And 28 nearly-completed posts for this pathetic blog. When I say that they were all brilliant, witty, cutting-edge pieces of fine writing that could change your whole outlook on life, please take my word for it.

It's my own stupid fault. Mea culpa. Again with the Latin. I should have had virus protection in the first place. And even failing that, I should have waited until I came across someone who could help me recover Win XP without causing loss of data.

And then last week, TLOML's laptop surrendered its internet capability. And I got knocked back for one of those Virtual Community personal PC loans. Something about me only being in the new job for less than six months. So we're technologically-challenged at home.

Luckily, I'm now semi-comfortable at the new workplace and have girded my loins and posted this from work.

I'm not back in town as such, but I'm entering Kalkallo.

Kalkallo - small town on the northern outskirts of Melbourne


Dina Roberts said...

Oh no : (

I'm so sorry.

I've lost stuff before.

It's such a horrible feeling.

Brian Hughes said...

My p.c. contracted a dyslexic virus a few months ago and I had loads of atad wiped.

Anonymous said...

That sucks, LL. I sympathise entirely, as we had the same problem when the housemate broke our computer.

But good to see you back!

Anonymous said...
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Lad Litter said...

Dina: Thanks for sticking with me, wishful-Aussie Girl. As to the loss of files, I'll just have to take it like a man.

BH: Good luck with your own nasty virus and I hope Satan brings you something nice for Christmas.

Miss D: Thanks for the endorsement and I hope to be completely back to my former self in a couple of weeks.

Melanie Myers said...

Like losing a limb, I would think ~shudders violently~. Fire? F**k the photo albums, nothing stands between me & my laptop. That truly sucks, LL. Condolences, but glad you sneaked one in at work to let us know you're still alive.

Lad Litter said...

Blakkat: Yes it's a shame but I'm almost reconciled toit. We're keeping the PC and you never know, I might be able to get one of those forensic applications from a copper mate to do some restoration. Hope springs eternal.

eleanor bloom said...

Oh! Awful!

My heart skipped a beat when my telly didn't work for a few second the other day. 'What would I do without it!' I thought. Then I breathed a bit easier as I realised that surely Mr Rental has an emergency number just for such occurrences.

This is quite tragic I'll admit.
1. I've lived quite wonderfully without tv before, for a year or more.
2. Those screeching "Quick! Call Mr Rental!!!!" tv ad.s drive me freakin' nuts.

Crushed said...

Good luck, though its a shame you lost all those posts.

Hope to see you back soon!

Lad Litter said...

EB: Like you, I dread the loss of TV and then hardly notice when it's not there. Let's hope Mr Rental doesn't expand beyond Perth.

Crushed: Thanks for the vote of confidence. New PC arriving Monday so LL will be back in action.

Ann ODyne said...

but, but but - when the federal computer forensic squad arrive to search your harddrive for Henson photos they insist that NOTHING IS EVER LOST FROM A COMPUTER ... so all that data MUST be still in there somewhere. Just ask Pete Townshend or Chris Langham.

peace and love

Lad Litter said...

Hahaha! You know more about my PC than I do. I knew about Pete but Chris Langham too? Say it aint so Joe!

Ann ODyne said...

I was saddened by the truth of it. His Roy Mallard, and 'People Like Us' were just brilliant.
I honestly don't understand how your puter stuff is all gone, when the forensic IT insist Nothing Is Ever deleted from a hard drive.

14 Sep 2007 ... The actor Chris Langham has been sentenced to ten months in jail for downloading “horrifying” child pornography.

Lad Litter said...

Tragic stupidity. I don't get it at all. Thank God. Anyone's God.

Anonymous said...

Are you still AWOL, LL?

Lad Litter said...

Well, sort of. The start of cricket season and an upsurge in romance at home have squeezed blog activity out somewhat. Still trying to recover the ol' files.

Ann ODyne said...

re file recovery: if you know anyone at the Federal cops, (dont laugh, its a funny world) their genius is WarwickStevens and he lives in Yarraville -you could ask.

and what BlakKat said: one of my house-sitting hosts left me for 2 months of high summer in a State Forest and said "in case of fire, grab the PC box on your way to saving the horses"

Hit a six!

Lad Litter said...

Thanks for staying in touch despite my neglect of everyone else. New post soon, I promise.
Two sixes hit so far this season: both off my bowling!

Ann ODyne said...

just this minute reading the AppleQuack blog of a Melbourne surgeon who lists how she got back data she thought had been lost forever.
I hope some of it applies to you and works.

Ms Smack said...

Were the posts already published via blogger? or were they documents on your hard drive?

Google yourself and see if you can capture any old posts in cache.

I'm sorry for this though. It's a bitch for sure.