29 July, 2008

At A Standstill...

There are 27 files in the PendingPosts folder on the hard drive of my PC. There are 28 viruses, trojans and spyware gremlins infecting that PC. Just as soon as the new ADSL was connected, they flooded up the cable like sperm swimming towards an egg. But unlike fertilization, they all got through.

Now I'm waiting for our good friends at MicroSoft to deliver the Win XP disk I need to fix the damned registry problem the spyware has caused. And then I'll need to get some anti-virus software on. Last fucking time I ride bareback.

The battery on this laptop is getting low and TLOML has left the power cable at school, the darling. My blog and web access might be in tatters at the moment but life is not. I'm enjoying the change provided by my new job and funnily enough, I think I'm a bit more pleasant to be around for my loved ones. The Bombers playing great footy also helps.

I've been neglecting all of your blogs too as I'm not quite bold enough to run through them at work. Being new and all.

But guess what? One of my new colleagues is the partner of a blogger who I've been reading and commenting on for the past two years. Small world. Delightfully so, sometimes.


Andrew said...

Free AVG including spy blocker (can't vouch for sb)for virus, and Adaware free.
My stomach rose for a moment when you mentioned a colleague and blogger. Nope, not so, thank god.

Ann ODyne said...

isn't Andrew funny ... hot, but still funny.

I'm guessing it's Rants.

Sorry to hear of your internet/PC difficulties.
On my Farcebook for 'Religion', I put that I worship my ISP.
what if they took it away from us!?
peace and love
and PS: ya not missing anything good at my blog.
Copperwitch has had a 3-day birthday party, and
Hot Andrew is still telling us all about his Big Trip thank god - I am enjoying that.

Crushed said...

I think its crazy internet summer.
I've heard of several bloggers having problems trying to get into their on blogs.

eleanor bloom said...

Not missing much at my blog either. This lazy blog thing has been catching (of course, the Libs encouraged another post out of me, finally - nothing inspires me more than their shenanigans those funny fellas).

Lad Litter said...

It's not you. You're off the hook! But I reckon I can see your place from my work. Nice curtains mate!

Not Rants either. I'll be back into the blogosphere soon.

Summer where you are mate, but very cold down here.

Those Liberals. Keeping Australian comedy vibrant since 1943.

Brian Hughes said...

"There are 28 viruses, trojans and spyware gremlins infecting that PC."

You defintely don't want to go stuffing used trojans inside your computer. Incineration would be a far more hygenic method of getting rid of 'em.

Lad Litter said...

Always thought they should have been called Greeks seeing as how THEY were the sneaky ones hiding inside the wooden horse. Oh hang on, you were referring to condoms, weren't you? Tee-hee!

phishez said...

You diseased thing you!

It is a small world. How did you find that out?

Lad Litter said...

Hey, my PC is diseased, but I'm not. Although lately there's been a kind of burning sensation when I...never mind!

Yes, small world and just a chance conversation: she told me she loved writing and I asked her if she blogged, no she told me, but her partner does, what's his blog called? etc etc

Anonymous said...

LL, I've been in my new role for nigh on 9 months and I'm STILL not bold enough to blog at work. Probably a good thing, too...

Lad Litter said...

Miss D:
I'm responding to this comment from work. Just a quick in and out is all I'm game to try at this stage.

Ann ODyne said...

well he outed himself!

peace and love

Ms Smack said...

Small world indeed. Don't access my blog at work. Others have and had questions asked of them. You could always set it up via a reader, or I can email you posts if you want.