24 December, 2007

Carols In The Domain

Why the fuck would I do a post about Saturday night’s Carols In The Domain?

I was only half watching it while trying to finish up the previous 8 Things Meme post. Moe was lying on the couch letting it flow over him and I was annoying him by asking “Is that Delta Goodrem?” of every female singer. When he became a little weary of the game I said, “Well, they all look alike. How am I supposed to tell them apart?”

“I think The Beatles and the Rolling Stones might have looked a bit alike, Dad.”

That shut me up good and proper.

But then Leo Sayer came on. Wearing a white suit. Singing White Christmas.
I was telling Moe how he actually had considerable credibility back in the mid-70s. Just A Boy was a great album and justifiably huge commercially. Then he went disco. Then he went cabaret. Then he came to live in Australia.

But at Carols In The Domain, singing White Christmas, what does he do? He pulls out a harmonica and does a melodic, blues-wailing solo!

You see, blues was so all-pervasive in Britain in the 60s that no musician could afford to ignore it. No blues licks, far fewer bands you can join.

Even Tom Jones fronted a bluesy outfit (Tommy Scott and The Senators) around 1964 before he made it big as a crooner.

Anyway, it made my night and I’ll have a softer spot for Leo Sayer from now on.

I hope your Christmas is full of pleasant surprises.


Ann ODyne said...

Charlie Musselwhite.
Brod Smith
Garry McDonald .... and of course, The Horrie Dargie Quintet.

... and Delta Goodrem? fer chrissakes.
I bet Mrs McFadyen wishes the big C had got her when it (apparently) had her. Cancer seems to be the career move that death used to be)

and I was only swinging by to wish you all the best. X X X

Lad Litter said...

Thanks for dropping in at this busy time of year. You've mentioned some great blues harp players there. John Sebastian was also pretty good. How did things go at the get-together on the 13th?

BwcaBrownie said...

oh yeah. the grog blog.
F.X.Holden and Rock n Roll Damnation were trading musical licks.
Me and Cast iron Balcony and Boynton had a great time.
We are all going to find a quieter venue for the next one though.
In case you collect cricket stuff:
the window of Ian Davis antique shop at about 10 Collins St there is a pair of old cricketer statues $175 if After Grog Blog hasn't bought them.