03 May, 2007

Stupidity, Thy Name Be Lad Litter

Yetserday morning I composed the following email to my boss:

Hi ****,

I have to tell you that I intend to resign from the ********* and will need to discuss an appropriate exit strategy with you. The plan at this stage would be to finish here at ******** at the end of June. With a LSL entitlement of around four and a half months, my resignation would be effective from the end of that leave period.

My official letter of resignation will follow our discussion once we’ve sorted out all of the correct dates.

I do not wish to continue as a member of the ********* profession without a meaningful sense of commitment to ****** and I apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment this will undoubtedly cause. Especially here, where you and **** and **** and all the staff have been so wonderful to me during my time here. My leaving will remove the potential for greater disappointment were I to remain.

I intend to fulfil all commitments and will leave everything in good order in all areas.

I had a distinct chill around my feet so I saved it into drafts rather than send. But it went! And I didn't realise until yesterday afternoon when I started to have second thoughts about packing it in. Remember that Simpsons episode when Homer sent the nasty ungrateful letter to Mr Burns? Fred Flintstone did a similar thing. I'm a living cartoon sitcom.

I feel better about my job now. So this morning I sent this email.

Hi ****,

I sent you an email yesterday that I meant to save into drafts but must have clicked on send by mistake. Please disregard. I’d like to speak to you briefly about it sometime over the next couple of days.

I feel really stupid but the kind of stupidity I can laugh at, not the sort that has led to my current crisis of professional confidence.

I hope my boss can laugh at it too. Even if it is between gritted teeth.


Steph said...

OUCH! Jaysus man, I hope your boss has a good sense of humour. If i sent that to my boss, security would be escorting my arse OUT of the building before I could blink.

Andrew said...

Oh dear. But remember there would good reasons for writing the original email.

Lad Litter said...

Steph: My boss' sense of humour is very good. I'm probably pushing it to the limit. And security would only be called onto you to prevent another catfight!
Andrew: Spot on again. There were and are good reasons for packing it in. But money and the notion of sticking it out and coming through have settled the matter.