17 May, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me

I've been tagged for the Eight Random Things About Me meme by Go Away Please. I believe her when she said she has led a very interesting life.

1. I started playing cricket again at the age of 44 after a twenty year absence and love it more than I ever did before;
2. I have the hots big time for TLOML. Many of our conversations consist of me trying to chat her up;
3. My favourite movie of all time is Out of The Past (1947);
4. My all-time favourite novel is I, Claudius (1934);
5. My all time favourite TV show is Get Smart (1965-70);
6. I have nearly died twice: once when I was having my tonsils out at the age of three; and again after another operation at age nine;
7. TLOML and I attended the same primary school. I remember her, and it really doesn’t bother me at all that she has no recollection of me;
8. Moe, Larry and Curly are much better sons to TLOML and I than I was to my parents;

There you are: a little autobiography; a little romance; a little PostSecret.


Steph said...

So are you a batter, a bowler or an all rounder?

Lad Litter said...

d) None of the above. I was a bowler, but have been superseded by younger, faster models so now concentrate on batting. I'm usually half-way through a ciggie when I go in but I never put it out just in case I'm back in time to finish it.

Ann ODyne said...

Absolutely Get Smart.
Don Adams was A Monument, and 99 thrilled me when she pulled her little red gun fromthe pocket of her little red coat.

I have about 87 episodes on beta videotape in a box somewhere.

Cricket huh?
The nearest i get to that is visiting After Grog Blog.

D'ya reckon Mick Jagger takes L'Wren Scott to the cricket?
D'ya reckon she pretends to like it?
(bearing in mind that she is a Septic).

peace and love, B

Lad Litter said...

Thanks BWCA:
couldn't be a better show than Get Smart; laugh a minute and now on DVD; After Grog Blog is a real cricket afficionado. Our PM pretends to be; Mick often goes to the Ashes: I reckon I've seen him in the crowd on TV at every Lord's Test since 1972. I wish I'd seen him at Kooyong in 1973.