17 March, 2007

How The Hell Did I Get Here?

Alright, alright. You’re probably thinking this fledgling blog doesn’t have much to recommend it, what with no links and no profile photo but hey, I’ll be working my way through these and other blogosphere niceties as soon as my indolent nature brings them into my slowly developing skill base.

Enough excuses. I discovered the land o’ blogs quite by accident about five years ago. I had been a Crikey student subscriber during one of their generous try-before-you-subscribe offers and quite enjoyed reading Stephen Mayne’s tilting-at-windmills deflation of arch conservatives like Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Piers Ackerman and other usual suspects.

This led me in a roundabout way to BoltWatch, and from there to Anonymous Lefty, both of which are excellent blogs by Melbourne barrister Jeremy Sear. Figuring that if I liked his stuff, then I might enjoy a quiet read of his recommended blogs I was away, but not in a fashion that made me a true citizen of blogsville. You see, dear reader (puts on Sideshow Bob voice) I lurked.

And I lurked all over the place. I found myself drawn to very entertaining blogs like reasonsyouwillhateme; brokenleftleg; muchadoaboutsumthin!; watchdogofthewankers; audrey; the barfromhell; (Hey, how about another post on that one soon?) and Huniii. I read the comments too. It was a case of “I lurk therefore I am!” But I thought of it only as reading. I've always loved reading.

And I justified it on the grounds of a couple of not-quite-fitting analogies like: you go to the cricket just to watch it, not to chant or sing; or you enjoy a band but don’t dance; you're a part of the audience, not a participant. Plus I couldn’t be arsed. I told you I was lazy.

Now, it disturbs me how I’m strangely impelled in the direction of blogs by (ahem!) women who could well be a bit younger than I am. And who I wouldn’t on the surface appear to have much in common with. (more about this phenomenon in my next post, I promise) But can they write!

Shut up! I have NOT been eyeing girls with bad intent! Not, not not! Alright, I have been eyeing their writing styles.

So here I am, Lad Litter. And you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. If I can be arsed.


Steph said...

I like your style! I admire you taking the leap from lurking to comenting to posting on your own blog.
Well done, yaself!

Lad Litter said...

Steph, it's all happened so fast. You've been a great source of encouragement. Awwww!

brokenleg said...

good luck lad litter

Lad Litter said...

Thanks BLL. This cavalcade of whimsy will need it!

huniii said...

wow and i only just found out you even existed! say hi more often!

and if you want the secret to my writing skill, its called much spewing forth of exactly whats in my head and how its in there. thats why its so crap with bad spelling and making sense not much. no editing, just stabbing furiously at the keyboard and cackling to myself.

but im crazy like that. and im exactly like my blog in real life.

cant wait to see what else your cooking up, and thanks for thinking im smart like

Lad Litter said...

I've only existed since Saturday, Huniii. You're like your blog neither falsely modest nor up yourself. Thanks for visiting. I'll keep dropping in at your excellent blog. Why not?

MikeFitz said...

G'day Lad Litter,

I note you were a frequent commenter on Huniii's blog. I thought you should know that, sadly, her blog has been recently taken down. (c. 1 Sep 2007) However, I'm trying to recreate it at http://hunii.wordpress.com/.



(Great blog, BTW)