30 June, 2008

New Job

My Long Service Leave ended just last Thursday. Counting the Christmas school holidays, I haven’t worked since December last year. On Friday, I commenced Leave Without Pay. And as this juncture approached, I didn’t really know what I was going to do. Job-wise I mean.

This is not a wolf-at-the-door situation. I can do Casual Replacement Teaching if nothing falls into my lap. And if that’s unbearable, I can always go crawling back to my teaching job. So I’m not in the same situation as some poor bastard who’s been retrenched. I’ve jumped, but with a parachute securely strapped on.

I’ve been half-heartedly checking employment opportunities since about April. Something in training, perhaps. I have a B Ed and a Post Grad Diploma in Educational Computing. Neither of which makes me an appealing prospect for training firms. Certificate 4 is the preferred qualification there.

But just last Friday afternoon, I found out I have a new job, starting on 14th July. I’m pretty relieved, as you can imagine. I’d been feeling a bit guilty about making my family hostages to fortune.

The interview was on Friday morning in the city. With a State govt statutory authority. Being a qualified teacher was one of the selection criteria for the job. So I wouldn’t have to bluff my way through, too-hopefully claiming that skills I’d picked up during 25 years as a primary school teacher were transferable to whatever job I was going for. This was a job for a teacher that fulfilled all my requirements: it didn’t involve actual teaching!

There’s a bit of a pay cut involved. Leaving the profession right after a salary increase to take up a lower-paid job might not appear the smartest move and has generated quite a few interestingly arranged wtf facial expressions. Including from my new boss.

I’ll be working in the city. First time since 1978. Catching public transport. The kitting up will be expensive. For a teacher, the general rule of thumb in the absence of a dress-code is sort of just below smart casual. Or in my case, very casual and not always smart. From now on, I’ll be in shirt and tie territory.

And loving it.


Boo said...

Lad Litter! you are a teacher! Good lord. I look forward o the updates.

Koren said...

Oh, LL, congratulations! Whilst the children of Victoria are missing out as yet another talented and dedicated teacher moves away, I am so happy for you and can absolutely relate to that feeling of relief. Those first few months when you realise you can take lunch WHENEVER YOU LIKE are glorious. Now we'll be working in the city buddies!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the career move. Sometimes the pay cut is worth the rewards/personal happiness the job will bring. Good luck!

Daisy said...

Men in ties? Way cool.

Congrats on the new job.

Lad Litter said...

Looking forward to the change. Hope there's no weirdness to report on in updates.

The children of Victoria missing out? You can probably hear their sigh of relief from where you're standing. It'll be weird being able to go to the toilet whenever I need too.

Thanks. That's what I'm hoping. I'm already looking at teaching as something from a past life.

Thanks to you too. Hey, I noticed ties are now 70s-wide compared to the last time I bought one.

eleanor bloom said...

Ah, there's nothing like a change! Hope it goes well.

And formal attire does not have to be dull... bow ties often come with lights you know...

Legal Eagle said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!

Lad Litter said...

Should work out fine. As to attire, believe it or not I have a cravat and smoking jacket!

Ta muchly. Probably the change I needed and good timing too. Ol' Lad always seemes to land on his feet.

Melanie Myers said...

No WTF expressions from this corner. The need to turn working hours into cash without the use of children or bells is well appreciated here. Hope it's the change you're looking for.
25 years in primary teaching - I dread even using that phrase in connection with myself. Avoid at all costs - even a pay cut, I reckon. Good luck :-)

geoff said...

I would never wear a shirt and tie for work again, it is not the dress code but the job it involves. Mind you I did spend 8 years wearing the clothes for the job in local govt and enjoyed every minute of it. Sorry for the tardy responce to a comment you made on my blog, I was in Melbourne performing on the 14th of June flew in in the morning and flew out in the evening. Is it just me that feels the invigorating 'Vibe' on the street of melbourne CBD? I kid you not I happily spent two hours wandering around theCBD just sopaking up the atmoshpere of the city and relishing every step and sight.

Lad Litter said...

I never thought I'd leave, honestly. I still think it's a great job, just not for me. Thankfully, not too big a pay cut!

I'll probably roll in on my first day in one of my new suits and find them all in jeans and t-shirts! Like I've hinted, I don't get out much but I have noticed the CBD is just as you say by day. By night it's directed by Tim Burton.

sexy said...