18 August, 2007

How Does It Feel?

A good mate had an article on Bob Dylan published in the Age on Monday. The A-Z of Bob and Other Weird Stuff. Give the kid a break and check it out.



Ann ODyne said...

Excellent piece by mate.

had dinner last Friday with a friend who saw the previous Sunday show in Melbourne.
She wrote down every song he played - dunno how she enjoyed the damn performance with all the writing n shit, but hey.

I was with her at his Melbourne Festival Hall concert 40 years ago, watching the Folkies stomp up the aisles when he went electric after the intermission.

I'm keeping the memory of that
because everything is relative man.

The impact is not the same today (with the grey hair and all); and we are both divorced from the boyfriends we had then too.

Lad Litter said...

Ann O'Dyne: That 1966 Melbourne concert was voted Dylan's greatest of all time by a rock magazine a few years ago. And you were there! Wow! Listen, when you write your autobiography, can I have an advance copy?