29 April, 2009

Procrastination Update

What I've been doing:
Procrastinating. Getting by on the bare minimum on just about every level in all areas. Except for blogging. There, I haven't been getting by at all. But work's been okay though.

What I'm listening to:
Jeff Beck, mostly. Went to his concert in January. Yeah, yeah yeah, I know, I was supposed to post a review. It's coming. His first solo album, Truth from 1968 to be precise, with a group that boasted Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Nicky Hopkins and Mickey Waller. Re-mastered (beautifully!) and with rare bonus tracks.

What I'm reading:
The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. For about the sixth time. Just finished Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. So I'm not completely stagnant. Lucky reading is a pure pleasure that takes no effort to immerse myself in.

What's made me feel good:
1. Essendon's victories over Carlton and Collingwood. They showed real flair in those close, desperate matches. Their best football is very, very good. I would love them to play their best football more often. And I believe they can.

2. Winning the bowling average for my local club's fourths this last season. My medium-pacers took 16 wickets at 17, which isn't outstanding and I bowled us to victory in only a couple of matches. But I was consistent I suppose, and haven't bowled poorly in a match or at training for over two years. I bowl outswingers mainly and most of my wickets are from slips catches or caught behind.

3. Sex. That's probably too much information for you. I usually try to be witty and subtle about it. But let's face it, I love it. Pure pleasure. And all within the sanctity of marriage, I hasten to assure you.

4. Having a choof. Got some pretty good stuff at the moment. Giving it a bit of a nudge.

5. Watching my three young fellows play cricket and football. I shudder to think how excruciating it must have been for dad to sit through my feeble efforts. I just hoped my lot could hold their own and they've exceeded that brief.

What's made me feel bad:
Nothing really. Just the odd bit of self-loathing for my lethargy. I can't even be stuffed hyper-linking or adding images. There's also the draft blog posts that I'm really looking forward to posting, but just can't get around to writing. And your blogs, from where I've been absent.

I've also worked out I have a bit of a tendency to catastrophize. And I swing back and forth from feeling great about myself to feeling like I'm the world's greatest fool and always have been. But I'm self-aware while it's going on and don't give too much away.

What I'm watching:
Australian Story (Did you see the one about Keith Miller? Fabulous, wasn't it?), Underbelly 2, The Office, Madmen. Pretty good shows.

Most recent movie:
M Night Shymalan's The Happening. It stood out because there have been so many really good science fiction films in recent years, that coming across a bad one has rocked me back on my heels a bit. I expected it to be pretty good and it was crap.

What I'm going to do about it:
Small steps. Just try to do a little each night, then gradually increase it until I'm on top of a few things. That should do it.

I hope this is my last whimsical, stream of consciousness, churn-something-out-for-chrissakes post. I can do better and enjoy it more.


Ann ODyne said...

hello stranger -
re Beck, J: the old days. yes.
3. I noticed the Mrs LL is fairly seriously gorgeous.
5. nice film out about dads n sons n sporting proficiency '17 Again' I loved it.

Saw the Keith Miller Austn Story. Think he was bowled over by That Woman who starred at his funeral. His sons prove my theory that divorce is bad for kids whatever their age.
New fabulous blog you are welcome to visit.
Rock ON.

Ann ODyne said...

re 'I can do better' - has a book called
'Who moved my Blackberry?' crossed your radar?
Hysterically funny offshoot story from a Financial Times columnist.
becoming a movie apparently, satirises, if it's possible, insane modern business practice, and shows how the scum rises to the top, getting bonu$e$ in inverse proportion to the actual work done.

Lad Litter said...

Yes, thought you'd be familiar with Jeff Beck. Of the three Yardbirds guitarists, he's the one who just kept getting better.
I've heard about 17 Again and will check it out on your recommendation, and also the Blackberry book. And I've been to the Marshall stacks blog too.

Ann ODyne said...

Gold Star & Elephant Stamp,
now kiss procrastination goodbye

Ann ODyne said...

Martin Lukes the scum who rises, has a wiki entry.
The book is hilarious for anyone who has worked for any large company.

Melanie Myers said...

A post to truly inspire those who can't or won't, that is, me who is an even slacker blogger than you. Maybe we can tackle this blogging lethargy together. If you post, then I have to and vice versa. Whatever you come up with next, I'm looking forward to it. Nice format though for 'whimsical, stream of consciousness, churn-something-out-for-chrissakes post'. Even has something of a meme about it.

Lad Litter said...

Okay, that book is on my to-devour list. And keep those cultural tips coming. I'm always up for a laugh.

Yes, it's very much a case of Blog Doldrums: Population - thee and me! Great idea about tandemizing the timeing of our posts to spur us on too. And you've inspired a further idea which I'll email you about.

Ann ODyne said...

Lorraine Crescent blogger has reviewed the Stephen Cummings memoir better than I did, of course, he isn't in it, and I am.
After Grog has an amusing 'Pure Shit' (movie 1975) post.

Melanie Myers said...

I'm intrigued now... and I'm waiting for that email. Actually, I'm getting serious about blogging now. A while ago I reserved a blog address for a more serious type of blog I want to write and I have finally got about putting it together, so serious blakkat is about to be unleashed. Watch out.

Lad Litter said...

I remember reading about Pure S but never got around to seeing it. It's been re-released, I hear. Will also search for the Cummings memoir scanning furiously first for the mention of you and then to read it at leisure.

Email on its way to you...now! Will watch for serious blog too. Now we're both intrigued!